Mug Heat Presses

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    Automatic Mug Heat Press Machine

    Main features of AMP-66

    1.Durability and constant configuration with die-casting Aluminium.

    2. Fully automatic open / close mechanism (No air compressor needed)

    3. Mounting with Grade A Mug heater which can transfer more mugs.

    4. Dual display temperature and timer digital controller with high end blue back-light.

    5. Automatic timer and alarm indicates completion of heat press cycle

    6. Low energy consumption while high efficiency, lightweight enough to bring.

    7. Emergency release button

    8. Perfect for both 11oz mugs and 15 oz mugs.

    $599.00 $499.00 + GST
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    Digital Mug Heat Press Machine – MP-66A

    Digital Mug Heat Press Machine – MP-66A

    The Most Cost-effective Mug Press!
    Metal material mug body, suitable for 11oz to 15oz sublimation mug & stainless mug

    $499.00 $349.00 + GST
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    Multifunction Digital Mug Heat Press Machine – MT-M4in1

    Machine comes with:

    1. 6oz to 10oz mug heater
    2. 12oz latte mug heater
    3. 17oz latte mug heater
    4. 11oz to 15oz big mug heater (standard single one updated)
    $699.00 $599.00 + GST
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    Twin Mug Press TMP210

    Item No: TMP 210

    Transfer mug size: 10oz, 11oz, 15oz, 17oz,

    Machine power: 280W+280W

    Voltage: 220V~240V

    Machine Net Weight: 5.8kg

    Control Mode: LCD, automatic control

    Machine color: silver black

    Transfer Parameter: 180ºC,90 seconds

    $549.00 $429.00 + GST