Cap Heat Presses

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    Digital Cap Press

    The convenient swing-away feature free to place the transfers without interference.


    It includes a digital timer, temperature control, silicone rubber base pad and complete pressure adjustment.


    $349.00 + GST
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    Digital Cap Press & Flat Press – 2 in 1 machine

    Cap heat press machine comes with interchangeable clamshell clamp for caps and hats of all shapes.


    Flat heat press platten is suitable for small sleeve designs and trouser legs.

    $499.00 + GST
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    Twin Cap Press TCP210

    Item No: TCP 210

    The Twin cap press is a fully functional cap press with a high productivity design. While one side is pressing, the user is able to set up work on the other pedestal and maximize efficiency.


    $599.00 $519.00 + GST